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Objectively speaking, the Liebchen+Liebchen model perfectly matches our requirements. The concentrated work environment in joint meetings is very effective. Personal points of contact for each of the projects and professional processes ensure seamless communication – and facilitate creative, effective implementation. Even very large and long-term projects go off without a hitch, working this way. On a less serious note: an agency that is a joy to work with. Simultaneously sophisticated, bursting with ideas, and inspiring!

Dr. Jürgen Krauter
Vice President, Communications
Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

Rebranding a strong brand? It can only work with a strong agency.

In Liebchen+Liebchen, we have found a friendly partner who has led and assisted with the evolution of our brand in a strategic, creative way, with a high degree of skill and at eye level. Lufthansa Technik Group is one of the leading providers of technical airplane services. Our brand identity, our visual image, and our language now match our self-confidence as market leaders.

Collaboration with them is inspiring. Liebchen+Liebchen thinks strategically, reacts quickly, and is creative and reliable. As a customer, you feel understood and very well taken care of overall.

We look forward to the next steps we take together.

Ulrike Behrens
Head of Corporate Marketing
Lufthansa Technik AG

“Company Anniversary Skillfully Communicated”

Not just any agency will do when it comes to assisting with a 60-year company anniversary. The trust we put in Liebchen+Liebchen has paid off: the kickoff event went very well and was a complete success from our point of view! Even the ad campaign, the anniversary logo, the stamp, the microsite, the nostalgia box, and the topic overall were amazingly well received. Our entire sales team is looking forward to the upcoming activities and the 60-year anniversary of the CWS brand.

Enzo Lagrasta
Head of Marketing
CWS Deutschland GmbH, project anniversary 2013, current collaboration

Unity and Flexibility – Brand Relaunch for PERCONEX

The umbrella brand PERCONEX and its subbrands have long been lone wolves. From now on, however, they’ll be part of a team. Our fonts, colors, images, and logos now speak a joint design language. Liebchen+Liebchen redesigned our brand presence and filled it with life. They assisted us creatively and professionally during every phase of the project – from strategy to implementation. The result: An even more radiant brand presence than before for our exacting target groups.

Andreas Mohr
Managing Director

Blazing New Trails – Brand Communication for Mayflower

In 2018, our company was on the verge of a big change: we had developed a new business model and wanted to communicate it as sustainably as possible within the industry. Liebchen+Liebchen implemented an attention-grabbing and unique campaign for us that works in various media – whether a microsite, trade fair presentation, or mailing. We are thrilled with the collaboration and have felt very well taken care of at every milestone. The entire team is available at any time and provides creative designs of the highest quality.

Christop Fink
Member of the Board
Mayflower AG

“Creativity, Sharp Implementation, and Reliability”

Good communication is crucial to the success of any organization. In this respect, having a communications agency to rely on characterized by creativity, sharp implementation, and reliability is always an advantage. Liebchen+Liebchen is an exemplary model of all of these virtues.

Dr. Hartmut Knüppel
CEO and Member of the Board of Directors until 2019
Deutscher Derivate Verband (DDV)

“Fast. Structured. Personable.”

Absolute adherence to deadlines – even when timing is a real challenge. Innovative concepts and fresh ideas – without breaking the budget. Constructive suggestions in every project phase – even when the correction loops tend to go on and on. Internalization of professional content and corporate design – without sacrificing creativity. Always open to personal brainstorming on-site – and always in a good mood: this is Liebchen+Liebchen, and it is this kind of collaboration that I have valued for over 18 years.

Werner Appel
Director of Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Events, Signage at Umicore
Umicore AG & Co. KG

“Discerning, Multifaceted, and Entertaining”

Why have I been working with the Liebchen agency for 18 years now to put out the discerning, multifaceted, entertaining, and modern employee magazine for PricewaterhouseCoopers?

Because the Liebchens – and their employees who assist PwC – are discerning, multifaceted, entertaining, and modern. And besides that, they are reliable, good at meeting deadlines, flexible, customer-oriented, and congenial.

Does that answer your question?

Corinna Freudig
Marketing & Communications, Corporate Media
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
Auditing company


A corporate merger offers opportunities and risks. We entrusted Liebchen+Liebchen with the communication for the merger and rebranding of the German Bisnode brands: a task that involves just as much trust as it does complexity and one that involves anchoring the brand transfer for the target group and ensuring it is a positive experience. The agency absolutely won us over with its strategy, creation, and media planning. Careful coordination with multiple service providers while keeping to tight deadlines was also an asset that contributed to the success of the project.

Hubert Bennecker
Director, Marketing Communications
Bisnode Deutschland Holding GmbH, collaboration from 2011 to 2016

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“A Strong, Passionate Team”

Over the course of restructuring and further development efforts, German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) has seen greater public awareness as an opportunity to further hone its image through impactful communication. A merger of the two head organizations to form German Social Accident Insurance has resulted in a closer relationship between the social accident insurance institutions for the industrial sector and the public-sector accident insurance institutions in just the last three years. This necessitated a suitable new brand presence. We issued an invitation to tender for this project – a great challenge – across Germany and invited six renowned agencies to present their ideas to us.

Liebchen+Liebchen is the one we chose. Our impression: This is an impressive, highly organized team with the creativity and passion necessary to create a strong brand. Collaboration with them is efficient, reliable, and successful. Within a very short period of time, Liebchen+Liebchen developed a complex, convincing corporate design and new logos for the organizations. The clearly structured, uniformly designed communications materials for print and online convey a distinctive profile. A service center run by the agency advises organizations and service providers on the use of the corporate design.

For the 125-year anniversary of the social accident insurance organizations in 2010, the agency designed and realized a modular exhibit displayed at numerous locations.

We are glad to be collaborating with Liebchen+Liebchen to heighten the profile and brand recognition of the social accident insurance organizations and to be informing our more than 70 million insured persons in Germany of the services we offer.

Gregor Doepke
Head of Communication Department
German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), project from 2009 to 2019

“Unique and Beautiful”

We have collaborated on corporate publishing with quite a few people. Overall, we have been through long-term and short-term partnerships with several agencies. Liebchen+Liebchen is a very special partner for us. For 25 years, we have continually worked together in many different constellations. For large clients and for small ones, on creative projects and complex ones. We have slogged through a lot of stuff together and also completed more straightforward projects. And never has it ever gone downhill. We have never been disappointed. Our clients have always gotten something good out of it. We have always had a feeling of true partnership. That is rare. And lovely.

Stephan Hoursch
Klenk & Hoursch AG

“There Is a Reason for Loyalty”

Once in a while, a colleague will say in a conspiratorial tone: “You should switch to a different agency. The minute they get too comfortable, they’ll raise their prices! How long have you been working with them, actually?” When I cheerily sing into the receiver “Since 1993!”, they come back with the project that has brought us together with Liebchen+Liebchen for a long time, with an audible question mark: “ECHT?! (REALLY?!)”

Liebchen+Liebchen has been putting together the member newsletter for our church for 17 years. It is a communications task unique in all of Europe that no one has attempted other than us. Printed in batches of 1.1 million copies, the newsletter is addressed and dropped in the mail for delivery every three months to all households inhabited by at least one member of our church: a huge and very diverse target group that is hard to pin down.

But during a time in which everyone is talking about the crisis in general-interest print media, the publication ECHT always manages to churn out high acceptance numbers – with the greatest group of readers recorded at 82 percent.

Besides the commendable work done by the editing team, this is also the product of outstanding and ever-developing graphic design. Over the years, many employees of Liebchen+Liebchen, including no less than the two namesake owners themselves, have worked on it. Formidable creativity, precision, reliability, high sensitivity with difficult topics, willingness to engage in intensive dialog, and prices that are always reasonable – what more could a client want?

So there is a reason for loyalty – like most of the time in life.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt
Church High Consistory
Head of Public Relations
for the Protestant church
in Hessen and Nassau, Darmstadt, collaboration from 1993 to 2011


Promoting employee satisfaction – a difficult task dependent on quite a few variables. For our Nieder-Roden location, Liebchen+Liebchen developed a sensitive concept, created a suitable site identity, and took over event management for our Family Day. Intuition, design suitable for the target group, and organizational skill were the main reasons for the many positive reactions we received from all sides.

Julia Rass
Manager, Human Resources
PepsiCo Deutschland GmbH, project from 2013 to 2015


How do you communicate with your members online? In Liebchen+Liebchen, we have found a partner who has provided us with very skilled advice on this very special task for several years now – while effectively and efficiently providing support in fitting solutions for our website, content management, and search engine optimization.

Dipl.-Ing. Isolde Elkan
Managing Director
GGM Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e.V.


Promising social commitment is one thing. Living it is another. Liebchen+Liebchen’s assistance for our aid organization is, among other things, quite practical and concrete: with useful solutions for our communication. Whether they’re putting together a new claim or a completely new website – we are thrilled with the professionalism and high standard of quality applied to the implementation of even very elaborate pro bono projects for the common good.

Dr. Harald Kischlat
Secretary General
Ärzte für die Dritte Welt – German Doctors

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