Horrible ads, cynical slogans, desperate employees - and two bosses you'd rather not meet in the dark: Since May 2012, the advertising agency Schnell&Schmutzig has been up to mischief in the industry. The work examples shown on the agency's website: an ode to bad taste. The Facebook profile: an over-the-top trash comedy series that has taken to the social networks.

"Awesome place" or "I should apply," fans comment. Some of them slip into the roles offered and ensure that the strange story of Schnell&Schmutzig continues. But what is the point of it all?

As "Inverse Marketing" the action demonstrates how Liebchen+Liebchen works as an "agency without airs and graces" under no circumstances. The signal to potential clients: We have understood what customers do not want under any circumstances. And we have the right offers. The signal to applicants: We know the working conditions in the industry - and clearly distinguish ourselves from them.