Christmas comes unexpectedly every year. How do you get companies to plan and implement your X-Mas promotions early - with the right agency? The best way is with an online acquisition that starts just as early - in late summer. Our newsletter tells the amusing story of the Yeti, about whose legendary life almost nothing is known. However - attention, cryptozool sensation! - a shaggy mountaineer with frozen toes wants to have observed that the temperamental little animal practices a special kind of stockpiling: Long before the first snow, the Yeti has managed to get all the equipment it needs for the harsh winter months into its cave.

Now our target customers are not Yetis - and human year-end rituals in the deep Canadian forests to some extent unknown. Nevertheless, they can learn something from the Bigfoot: Namely, that it is more relaxed if they take care of their Christmas cards, promotions and newsletters in good time. And not just at the last minute. A link takes newsletter recipients to a microsite with real-time countdown to Christmas Eve. Here, of course, our Yeti is up to his mischief - animated and with sound. The message to the visitors: Watch the clock with us, plan now and beat the pre-Christmas stress. Yeaah!